Women’s Day Special: How To Achieve The Perfect Work-life Balance Like Akhilandeshwari!

Ever wondered how Akhilandeshwari from Chembarathi balances time for business and family? Don't miss these tips from her!


Akhilandeshwari has been an inspiration for all of us for her decisive nature. She never asks for respect and her presence makes every situation better and less complicated. Even with matters of business, Anand and Aravind always reach out to their mother Akhila first for advice. Akhilandeshwari played by Aishwarya Bhaskaran is an inspiration for all working women out there for the way she juggles work and family matters together. Here’s how you can also get inspired by Akhila and achieve the perfect work-life balance.

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Family always comes first

Anand saves
Family always comes first for Akhila

Even with business worth crores of rupees in hand, Akhilandeshwari has repeatedly said on the show that, her family always comes first for her. Remember how she refused to do business with a man for disrespecting Kalyani? It’s important to note that Akhila avoids growth in her work life if her family is affected by the same.

Think smart and be courageous

Akhila' Points a Gun
Akhila Points a gun at Priyanka

 Even her adversaries like Priyanka and Vilasini agrees that they are not a match for Akhilandeshwari’s willpower. She never backs down from a challenge put forward to her and is always willing to take effective measures to make sure that she stays on top. Do you guys remember how she had Priyanka on her feet for hampering with the employee bonus? Akhila is always one step ahead of her enemies and is ready to strike at the right time.

Ask for help and advice

Akhila listening to Krishnan's advice (1)
Akhila listening to Krishnan’s advice

Even with all the power that comes with being the matriarch of Thrichambarath, Akhila is never hesitant to ask Krishnan for help. Even with him playing the second fiddle to her, she is willing to accept his advice and act accordingly. It is important to note that Krishnan’s love and support for her decisions always act as pillars of strength in her life.

Take time for yourself

Akhila Update image
A still from Chembarathi

As a working woman, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of me-time. The power of taking time for oneself and engaging in activities you enjoy always helps you to stay calm and content even in a stressful situation. Akhila is religious and she always finds time for herself to go to the temple. Even when her enemies take advantage of her devotion, she invests time for poojas and prayers for the welfare of the family.

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