Why Swathi From Swathi Nakshathram Chothi Is The Inspiration You Need!

Looking for some good old motivation to get through a slow week? Vandana Krishnan aka Swathi is here to help!


For Malayalam TV, Swathi Nakshathram Chothi was an unconventional take on families and casting a full-bodied woman as the lead garnered a lot of attention. Vandana Krishnan was quick to steal all hearts as Swathi in the series and what caught everyone’s eyes was her positive outlook towards life and the support she gives to the family even though she’s constantly bombarded with comments on her body and her marriage. Looking for some good old motivation to get through a slow week? Vandana Krishnan’s Swathi is here to help.

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Here’s why we think Swathi is the inspiration we all need:

  • Swathi is nothing but sheer motivation for everyone who’s ready to fight it out: Swathi Nakshathram Chothi revolves around the life of Swathi — a plus-sized girl who has always faced rude comments about her size and shape. She goes on to marry a fit young man, whose presence in her life makes it difficult for society to accept. She is faced with a lot of frowns even from her relatives and friends. The tale develops as Swathi eventually wins over everyone’s hearts and starts turning her life around. Thus, the series is surely a must watch for everyone who is willing to fight baseless dispositions society makes on them regarding looks.
  • She is old school when it comes to hard work and doesn’t believe in shortcuts to success: Many might know Vandana as their favourite Swathi, but are unaware of the fact that she has worked many years as a drama artiste. Vandana is nothing but a great example of hard work and the fact that she has a special place in all of Malayali hearts gives everyone the inspiration to buckle up and achieve.
  • Like Swathi, Vandana Krishnan is also optimistic and takes pride in her strides: Swathi looks at the positive side of things even with many of her own family members criticising her for her size. Swathi is constantly evolving from being on the wrong side of the events in her life to experience events from a brighter perspective. She is mocked for marrying someone who is half her size but she eventually evolves into someone who proves how a strong marriage is based on love, affection and character.

Isn’t Swathi the right motivation we all need?

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