Who is your favourite? Kalyani From Chembarathi Or Samyuktha From Pookalam Varavayi

Here are several reasons why we all love Kalyani and Samyuktha. But who is your favourite?

Samyuktha Vs Kalyani

The powerful female leads from Pookalam Varavayi and Chembarathi are audience favourites for their powerful portrayal of their characters. Kalyani from Chembarathi and Samyuktha from Pookalam Varavayi have become characters we hold close to our hearts and the reasons to love them both are many. Here are several similarities and differences between Samyuktha and Kalyani.

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Quest for love

Both Samyuktha and Kalyani are ready to fight for what they love and the challenges on the way hardly matter for them. Even with Vilasini’s crooked plans, Kalyani keeps fighting for her love for Anand. Samyuktha fights with Sharmila to protect Saptathi’s love for Harshan and even agrees to marry Abhimanyu for her sister’s happiness.

Samyuktha saves Sapthathi from Sharmilla
Samyuktha saves Sapthathi from Sharmilla

Remember how Samyuktha saved Saptathi from Sharmilla’s move with the poisoned milk? Samyuktha is sure to win her prize with her bold moves and stern replies to Sharmilla and Jyothirmayi. While Kalyani lacks the confidence to stay independent and keeps falling into Vilasini’s traps for her and is a bit dependent on Anand to rescue her.

Sacrifices for the family

The only reason why Kalyani is scared to reveal her love for Anand is because of her respect for Thrichambarath family. Remember how she was disturbed when Das tells her about showing gratitude to Thrichambarath? Kalyani always prioritizes Thrichambarath and is willing to give her life for the family’s prosperity.

Akhila appriceats Kalyani
Kalyani lives for Akhila and Thrichambarath

Samyuktha is similar to Kalyani as she has been working her entire life for Puthanveedu. Even with Abhimanyu’s egoistic outbursts against her, Samyuktha is willing to suffer to support her family. She is an ideal daughter who puts Puthanveedu before her own needs.

Willingness to Fight

Kalyani has never prepared herself for a challenge without Anand’s support. She is willing to work hard and fight for her prize only when Anand helps her. Kalyani could have easily avoided many of Vilasini’s hurtful actions if she were to be bold like Samyuktha.

Kalyani wins the competition
Kalyani wins the brand ambassador competition

Even while being the funniest character from Pookalam Varavayi Piyush is scared of Samyuktha’s outright rejection to his marriage proposal and hides it from her. Samyuktha is someone who is feared and revered for her strong opinions regarding matters concerning her family. While in Chembarathi, Kalyani lacks the courage to reject the proposal from Akhila to make her marry Neeraj. Even with all the hard work for winning the brand ambassador competition, Kalyani fails to reason with Akhila and becomes her second choice.

So, is it the bold and fearless Samyuktha or the kind-hearted Kalyani? Take the poll below and tell us who your favourite character is.


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