Valentine’s Day Special: These Adorable Duos From ZEE5 Shows Are Defining #CoupleGoals

How can we celebrate Valentine’s Day without thanking these adorable couples from ZEE5. Have a look at our favourite duos from Malayalam ZEE5 shows!

These adorable duos from your favourite TV series have always been an inspiration in terms of being those perfect couple with their adorable virtues. Have a look at some of our favourite couples from ZEE5 Malayalam shows.

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Anand and Kalyani: Our favourite couple from Chembarathi with their cute fights and secrets, tops the list of the most adorable couples from ZEE5. Remember when Anand hid his injuries from Kalyani? The couple is aware of each other’s feelings and even have a divine connection with each other. When Priyanka’s goons attack Anand, Kalyani gets an instinctive feeling that Anand is in trouble. She travels alone to Mumbai to make sure that Anand is fine. To all of those couples out there missing each other because of the distance, these two are an inspiration to watch and enjoy.

Krishnan and Akhila: Many a time Thrichambarath has survived the many harsh waves it has gotten struck by because of these two powerful pillars. The powerful duo is definitely one of the best on-screen duos to watch and makes Chembarathi an amazing watch. Even with Akhila’s powerful title as the matriarch of the family, Krishnan is comfortable and happy being the second best.  He doesn’t ask for respect and earns it from the affection he provides to the rest of the family members. Both have always been the guiding light for Anand and Aravind on their ventures. Be it a matter of the heart or anything formal, this adorable duo is one example of an evergreen bond.

Abhimanyu and Samyuktha: Watching these two have their adorable fights and play out their amazing chemistry on-screen is always heartwarming to watch on Pookalam Varavayi. Arun G Raghavan and Mridhula Vijai have a special place in all of our hearts from those amazing moments they have essayed on screen. Remember how Samyuktha and Abhimanyu fought with each other during their first meet? With Nithya’s arrival in the story, Samyuktha is left with no other option than to confront her feelings for Abhimanyu. Who do you think will win Abhimanyu’s heart? Keep watching Pookalam Varavayi to find out!

Rishi and Kabani: Don’t you guys remember how Rishi hosted the New Year’s party for Kabani to show his love for her. The show is almost empty without the two not sharing those romantic looks with each other. Even with Rambha’s constant challenge, Kabani tries her best to make Rishi understand her feelings. Do you guys remember how Menaka threatened Kabani for talking to Rishi at the hospital? Kabani is not scared of the intimidation from Menaka as she is willing to fight for Rishi. Even after Ganeshan’s constant warnings about talking to Kabani, Rishi finds ways to chat with her. The couple are an inspirational source of courage to overcome the many obstacles you face on the way to your loved one’s heart.

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