These Insta Posts Of Akhilandeswari From Chembarathi Will Inspire You To Embrace Veganism

The instagram account of Akhilandeswari of Chembarathi is filled with photos of delicious vegan dishes that will inspire you

All of us are familiar with the dashing, powerful Akhilandeswari of Chembarathi. But, not many of us might be aware of the fact that Aishwariyaa Bhaskaran, who essays this character, is a hardcore vegan. Her Instagram handle stands testimony to her passion towards veganism. One of the difficulties that vegans face is lack of knowledge about using local ingredients to make tasty dishes. An amazing cook herself, most of Aishwariyaa’s posts talk about home-cooked vegan dishes. So, If you are contemplating switching to a vegan lifestyle, then do check out her Instagram handle.

If you missed watching the latest episode of Chembarathi, then catch it here. Scroll down below the video to read about Aishwariyaa’s vegan dishes.


Here are a few dishes:

  1. How about fruits and seeds for breakfast? A mix of fresh cherries, blueberries and lychees with a glass of almond milk with chia seeds makes for a perfect vegan breakfast.

2. Barring curd rice and the occasional use of milk in some desserts, South Indian vegetarian cuisine is essentially vegan friendly. But Aishwariyaa offers a vegan solution for the quintessential curd rice too. Vegan curds! Make a sumptuous vegan dinner with vegan millets curd rice, pumpkin poriyal (fried or sauteed) and carrot and radish chutney.

3. Another dinner option can be mushrooms tossed in extra virgin olive oil and garnished with torn curry leaves.

4. One of her Navarathri offerings to the Goddess included millets khichdi, carrot poriyal, raw ash gourd salad with vegan curds and moong dal payasam.

5. She also made millets payasam garnished with roasted almonds and black eyed peas sundal. Dates were used to sweeten the payasam.

6. Being vegan doesn’t mean that one has to forego desserts. Aishwariyaa’s raw vegan chocolate cheesecake topped with homemade blueberry compote is an indulgence that anybody would love to have, vegan or otherwise. Use dates and coconut sugar for sweetness. For crust and the filling, go for walnuts, almonds and cashews. A dash of raw cacao powder in the filling, a few hours of chilling and voila, you have an exotic vegan dessert to feed your guests.

Veganism is no longer a difficult lifestyle to embrace in India. Many of the ingredients crucial to veganism are already sold in supermarkets and local stores. All one needs is a little bit of research to make it easier. So go ahead and take the plunge, if you’re of a mind to do it.

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