Take Your Kids On A Fun Learning Experience With The Toy Box From ZEE5 Kids

Ever wondered what it would be like if kids were to be the judges of a show? Watch The Toy Box where kids are the judges of their own toys.

toy box

A reality show consists of a theme with participants and judges, but what if we change the roles? ZEE5 Kids brings you The Toy Box, a different kind of a reality show for your children. In this new show, the kids are the judges while the toy-makers are the participants. The no-holds-barred panel of judges includes Sophia Grace, Aalyrah Caldwell, Toby Grey and Noah Ritter.

Watch the first episode of The Toy Box here on ZEE5 Kids:

Maximum Fun

The show brings adult toymakers to a panel of children as judges as they select an idea of a toy that they would like to see in stores. The winning toy with the approval of the little judges will be available for sale with popular toy manufacturers after the finale.

Provides a fun learning experience

Little judges
Little judges

The toymakers are also made to explain the benefits of the toy and even asked if it’s ‘pocket friendly’ by the little judges. The show will be interesting to watch as it provides unlimited fun with a new toy in each episode; the audience will also learn about the toy-making process.

Fun for the entire family

Now you don’t have to forego screen time when your kids are watching. The Toy Box is a fun show that the entire family can enjoy as the little judges are mentored by adults in their decisions. So, join your kids and watch the ultimate toy competition on The Toy Box available for streaming now on ZEE5 Kids.

With the new Kids tab on the platform, ZEE5 has become the perfect family destination for maximum BachFUN. It brings you content in languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla and Bhojpuri. From Live Action shows to classic cartoons, ZEE5 Kids is the perfect destination for complete family entertainment.

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