Take This Quiz To Know Which Character From Pookalam Varavayi You Are!

Are you the bold and stern Samyuktha or the kind Saptathi? Find out which character from Pookalam Varavayi best describes you!


Pookalam Varavayi holds a special place in all of our hearts for the memorable characters and the interesting storyline. The much-awaited marriages of Harshan-Saptathi and Abhimanyu- Samyuktha happened recently and we are all waiting patiently for Abhimanyu to realise the true motives of Sharmilla. We all have our favourite characters from the show but have you guys ever wondered which one of these interesting characters describes you the best? Take this fun quiz to understand which character from Pookalam Varavayi you are!

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Take the quiz below:

What is your most annoying trait according to your friends?

A) You are short-tempered

B) You never back out of a fight

C) You are too kind

D) Girlfriend/Boyfriend > Everything else

Which of these weaknesses do you find hard to overcome?

A) I prioritise work over myself

B) I sacrifice too much

C) I forgive easily

D) I can’t say No to my girlfriend/boyfriend

What is your ideal weekend past time?

A) I’ll be working on the weekends

B) Catch up with family

C) Help out mom in the kitchen

D) Plan a date with my soulmate

Which one of these solutions describes you the best when you are in conflict?

A) I will talk my way out of it and make sure it won’t disturb me again

B) I will ask for advice and get my friends to help me

C) I will get anxious and freak out

D) I will take a nap or go for a walk

Which of these tags fit you the best when it comes to matters related to your family?

A) You’re that cousin who doesn’t show up

B) I smile and wait for the food.

C) You apologise for your outspoken siblings

D) It’s always a good time to text your better half

If most of your answers are A, you’re Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu yells at Samyuktha
Abhimanyu from Pookalam Varavayi

You don’t waste time on flimsy issues and always prioritise work over everything. You are short-tempered and the people around you are aware of it. You are an amazing problem solver and the hardest working person in the office.

If most of your answers are B, you’re Samyuktha

best of Samyuktha
Samyuktha from Pookalam Varavayi

You are bold, stern and always ready for a fight. You make sure that you win and you are not scared to lose. You are the best friend one can find and the worst enemy to have. You are people smart and also an excellent judge of character.

If most of your answers are C, you’re Saptathi

Saptathi tells Harshan about her worries for Samyuktha
Saptathi from Pookalam Varavayi

You are loving and kind. You are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good and you are the big sister who takes care of the little ones. You try to stay away from trouble and pray to get out of one. You try to be perfect and you are never loud about it. Saptathi is the best friend one can find for her affectionate traits.

If most of your answers are D, you’re Harshan

Harshan from Pookalam Varavayi
Harshan from Pookalam Varavayi

You are laid back and lazy. You are very romantic and you prioritise matters of the heart above everything else. You are not bothered by tough situations and is the first to see the bright side of things. Harshan is one of the funniest characters on the show and was married to his long-term lover Saptathi in a recent episode. Samyuktha marries Abhimanyu as per Karthiyayaniamma’s instructions and is waiting for Sharmilla to strike again. Will she be able to make Abhimanyu realise Sharmilla’s true motive? Stay tuned to find out!

So, which character are you? Tell us in the comments below!

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