Take This Quiz To Find Out Which Character From Chembarathi You Are!

Anand, Akhilandeshwari, Krishnan, Jayanthi - Which of these characters best describe you? Take this quiz to find out!

We all have our favourite characters from Chembarathi. It’s always enjoyable to watch the many characters from the popular show on the screen, but have you guys ever wondered which one of those interesting characters describes you the best? Take this fun quiz to find out which character from Chembarathi you are!

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Take the quiz below:

What is the perfect time for a snack for you?

A) I’m too busy for a snack break

B) It’s always a good time to snack

C) I’ll have anything that goes with tea

D) Depends on who I’m snacking with

When in conflict you are most likely to –

A) Ask for advice

B) Wait for someone to solve it for you

C)Find your own way out

D) Find a solution and make sure that it won’t happen again

At a family gathering, you are most likely to-

A) Mingle with everyone

B) Wait for the food

C) Be on your phone

D) Mingle only with the ones you like

Which of these is a weakness you find hard to overcome? 

A) I overlook past mistakes and forgive easily

B) I’ll do anything in return for a good treat

C) I can’t say no to my parents

D) I’m short-tempered

What will be your ideal weekend past time?

A) I’ll take time to catch up on current affairs

B) I’ll try a new tasty recipe

C) Date with my love interest

D) Will take time out to pray

What is your most annoying trait according to your friends?

A) I’m too domesticated

B) Food > People

C) Indecisive

D) I always need to have things my way only

If most of your answers are A, then you are Krishnan!

Krishnan from Chembarathi
Krishnan from Chembarathi

Krishnan is easily the most loving and kind character from the show. He is always supportive of his wife Akhilandeshwari’s decisions and trusts both his sons to bring pride to the family. Krishnan is always Akhila’s first choice for advice and his kind nature makes him the most approachable person in Chembarathi. Krishnan has his own opinions and decisions but he never hesitates to keep other people’s feelings and opinions in consideration.

If most of your answers are B, you’re definitely Jayanthi!

Jayanthi from Thrichambarath
Jayanthi from Thrichambarath

You are laid back, fun-loving and nothing else besides food bothers you. Jayanthi is the funniest person on the show to watch and she is never bothered by the drama happening in front of her. Even with Vilasini’s constant moves against Kalyani and Akhila, Jayanthi makes sure that she will find a way to pop in a quick snack.

If your answers are mostly C, you’re Anand Krishnan

Anand finds Ganga's ring
Anand finds Ganga’s ring

You are a good problem solver and optimistic about whatever life may throw your way. Anand always finds ways to save Kalyani from Vilasini and Priyanka’s plans. He is also a momma’s boy who dutifully carries out every wish and command by Akhilandeshwari. But, even with all the pressure from his family, Anand stays true to his soulmate Kalyani.

If your answers are mostly D, you’re Thrichambarath Akhilandeshwari


You are stern, bold, and supremely confident about your own decisions. Akhilandeshwari’s mere presence earns respect from the other characters on the show. She puts family before business and is a loving mother to Anand and Aravind but is willing to show her dark side to her enemies. Her bold decisions always keep her a step ahead of her enemies and she is one powerful character we all love to watch!

So which character are you? Tell us in the comments below.

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