Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 03 February 2020 Update: Sreejish’s Performance Gets A Standing Ovation

Ashwin and Jasim gets a blockbuster for their performance in One on One Duet Challenge round.

Moving performance from Sreejish

The Sunday episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam started with a rocking duet performance from Mithun of the grand jury and special guest Harish Sivaramakrishnan. The duo performed the superhit song Thu Badi Maasha Allah from the movie His Highness Abdullah. Kannur Shareef thanked the duo for their rocking performance.

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After the performance, Jeeva invited Ashwin and Jasim to perform in the duet challenge round with the song Unnal Kaanadhu from the movie Vishwaroopam. The performance was praised by the judges and the jury for the perfect coordination between the two. Delighted by the performance, the three chief judges got up from their seats and appreciated the duo. The grand jury was so pleased by the performance that they unanimously voted a blockbuster for the contestants.

Bharat was the next to perform with the song Maya Manjalil from the movie Ottayal Pattalam in the solo performance round. Harish Sivaramakrishnan appreciated the contestant for the effortless rendition of the song. Kannur Shareef pointed out minor mistakes from the performance. Gopi Sundar appreciated the technical brilliance in the contestant’s voice. The performance fetched Bharat 98.5 marks, maintaining his fifth rank on the show.

Jeeva congratulated the three Sa Re Ga Ma Pa contestants, Swetha, Nanda and Narayani who started their career in playback singing with the Gopi Sundar song from Shylock. The trio performed the fast number from the upcoming Mammootty movie. Jeeva invited Sreejish to perform in the Solo round with the Tamil hit song Kannaana Kanney.

The heart-warming rendition from the contestant was applauded with a standing ovation from the judges and the grand jury. Elated by the performance, Gopi Sundar offered the contestant a chance to sing in his next movie. Sreejish thanked the judges and the jury for transforming him to the perfect singer he is today as he receives a blockbuster.

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