Quiz: Find Out Which Telly Character Would Be The Perfect Lockdown Girlfriend For You

From Samyuktha of Pookalam Varavayi to Kalyani of Chembarathi, find out which of your favourite characters would be the perfect lockdown girlfriend.

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Bored at home during the lockdown? Take part in this entertaining quiz from ZEE Keralam to find out who among your favourite telly characters is best suited to be your perfect lockdown girlfriend. Answer these simple questions below and find your perfect girlfriend. Will it be Samyuktha, Saptathi, Kabani, or Kalyani?

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How would you let your girlfriend know that you are missing them during the lockdown?

A. Call her up and talk to her for hours.

B. Send romantic images and stickers over chat

C. Go old school and write a romantic letter…. sorry… email (safer right now) for her

D. Make a Tik Tok about how much you miss her and share it with her.

Which one of these activities do you find the most romantic?

A.Long drives.

B.Dinner dates.

C. Long walks on the beach.

D. Making a TikTok video together.

If you guys are at separate places, what would be the ideal lockdown date for you and your girlfriend?

A. Trying a new recipe on a video call and see how it turns out at.

B. Having dinner together over video call

C. Stream your favourite movie together.

D. Choreograph a new dance routine and see how it turns out.

Pick a quality your girlfriend must have-

A. A great listener.

B. Kind and sacrificing.

C. Bold and stern.

D. Amazing sense of humour.

Which one of these ZEE5 movies would you prefer to watch with her during the lockdown?

A. Romantic comedy like Thattumpurath Achuthan.

B.Comedy movie like Ulta.

C. Movies with social messages like Prathi Poovankozhi, Minnaminungu.

D. Movies with strong female leads like Aamy, Carbon.

If most of your answers are A, then your lockdown girlfriend would be Kalyani from Chembarathi

Kalyani and Aniyankuttan (1)

Kalyani is kind, loving and also an amazing cook. She is willing to sacrifice anything for the love of her life Anand. She loves long drives and small expressions of love. Also, beware of Anand Krishnan from Thrichambarath before you make your first move at Kalyani.

If most of your answers are B, then your lockdown girlfriend would be Saptathi from Pookalam Varavayi

Saptathi tells Harshan about her worries for Samyuktha

Saptathi is the eldest of Yatheenthran and Parvathy of Puthanveedu. She is a great listener and a lover of jokes and riddles. Saptathi’s selfless love and care for Harshan makes her everyone’s favourite from Pookalam Varavayi. Get your one-liners ready, as Saptathi is surely going to love listening to quirky lines.

If most of your answers are C, your lockdown girlfriend would be Kabani from Kabani

Padmini and Kabani

Kabani is everyone’s favourite for the kind-hearted and forgiving character persona she displays on the show. She is quite shy as it took her a long time to reveal her liking towards Rishi. She likes romantic walks on the beach and will always be the first one to help you if you are in trouble.

If most of your answers are D, your lockdown girlfriend would be Samyuktha from Pookalam Varavayi

best of Samyuktha

Be careful with your pick-up line as Samyuktha’s reply might give you another reason to stay indoors during the lockdown. Samyuktha is forever loved for her bold replies to the likes of Abhimanyu and Sharmilla from Pookalam Varavayi. She loves dancing and would definitely be open to making funny TikTok videos. She also has a great sense of humour.

Who is your lockdown girlfriend from these ZEE Keralam telly stars? Tell us in the comments below!

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