Pookkalam Varavayi Weekly Update 17 To 21 February: Abhimanyu Saves Nithya From Rasheed

Previously on Pookalam Varavayi, Jyothirmayi is shocked to learn that Sharmilla killed Abhimanyu's parents.

Abhi and Piyush

Previously on Pookalam Varavayi, Piyush is seen ecstatic as he gets a chance to talk to Samyuktha. Abhimanyu asks him to stop fooling around and leave. Nithya hires an auto rickshaw to come to the temple.

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Nithya hides in an abandoned building
Nithya hides in an abandoned building

Harshan confronts Jyothirmayi and asks her to stop conspiring against his family. Nithya gets suspicious of the auto driver’s intention when two men enter the rickshaw. She runs to an abandoned building and hides as the men start following her.

Rasheed's men sorround Nithya
Rasheed’s men surround Nithya

Abhimanyu comes to her rescue and finds her wallet and phone lying on the floor. The men surround Nithya and plan to kill her when she requests them to leave her.

Abhimanyu fights off Rasheed to save Nithya
Abhimanyu fights off Rasheed to save Nithya

Sharmila starts crying as Nithya and Abhimanyu go missing. As Abhimanyu starts to leave the building, Nithya tries to cry for help. Abhimanyu’s sudden intervention saves Nithya from getting stabbed. He fights off Rasheed and his goons to save Nithya from the building.

Sharmilla reveals that she killed Abhimanyu's parents
Sharmilla reveals that she killed Abhimanyu’s parents

Sharmilla reveals to Jyothirmayi that she killed Abhimanyu’s parents for his family’s assets. The evil duo is disappointed when Nithya and Abhimanyu return for the engagement. Sharmilla further tells Jyothirmayi that she won’t allow a girl to enter Abhimanyu’s life as she wants all of his wealth for herself.

Yatheenthran and Parvathy adopt Nithya
Yatheenthran and Parvathy adopt Nithya

Yatheenthran and Parvathy adopt Nithya as their daughter as per the priest’s request in order to conduct her engagement to Abhimanyu. Later on, Piyush tells Samyuktha about his plan to marry a girl as per his mother’s request.

Yatheenthran agrees to Piyush's proposal
Yatheenthran agrees to Piyush’s proposal

Yatheenthran discusses with Sapthathi and agrees to Piyush’s proposal to marry Samyuktha. Piyush calls Samyuktha and tells her about meeting her parents. He plans to surprise her and doesn’t reveal that the girl he intends to marry is actually her. Parvathy, Yatheenthran and Sapthathi hide Piyush’s proposal from Samyuktha when she gets back from work.

Abhimanyu yells at Samyuktha
Abhimanyu yells at Samyuktha

Abhimanyu gets angry when Harshan tells Samyuktha that he will drop her home. During their journey, Samyuktha tells him about holding another shareholder’s meet to tell them about the company’s development. Harshan laughs at Samyuktha when Abhimanyu yells at her for discussing office matters in the car.

Rasheed bargains with Sharmilla
Rasheed bargains with Sharmilla

Later on, Rasheed meets Jyothirmayi and Sharmilla to ask for money to kill Nithya. The duo gets scared when Abhimanyu gets back and hides Rasheed inside the house. Abhimanyu takes a file from his room and enquires about the bike parked outside before leaving. Sharmilla threatens to kill Rasheed and orders him to leave when he starts to bargain with her.

Sharmilla's intentions shock Samyuktha
Sharmilla’s intentions shock Samyuktha

Sapthathi, Nithya and Samyuktha go shopping with Abhimanyu’s family. Jyothirmayi warns Sharmilla of her plan failing and asks her to be more careful. As Samyuktha goes to try on a dress in the trial room, she overhears Sharmilla and Jyothirmayi conspiring to kill her. Samyuktha is shocked to listen to Sharmilla telling Jyothirmayi about killing Abhimanyu’s parents.

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