No Shave November: Inspirational Beard Styles From Our Favourite Zee Keralam TV Actors

Our lead actors are not far behind in following trends. Find out which of their beard style suits you.

It’s November at last and for all you guys out there, this is a legitimate excuse to retain the fuzz on your face. To let that six o’ clock shadow on your face grow into a full fledged bush. That’s right, we are talking about No-Shave November. Interestingly, this was initiated as a movement to help raise funds and awareness for cancer in USA. But it soon became a fashion rage world over. Given that beard fashion has been all the rage across the globe for the past two years, it comes as no surprise that the No-Shave movement would be embraced so wholeheartedly. But I don’t need to tell you guys that. In fact, our Malayali men have been sporting the fuzz on their face long before it even became fashionable for men to sport a beard. However, No-Shave November doesn’t mean that one simply sports unkempt beards. In fact, today’s trend is to have well-groomed beards and there are several styles of beard that one could adopt. And for inspiration on beard styles, you need look no further than our favourite TV actors, who sport well-styled yet luxuriant beards.

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Check out the beard styles of some popular actors.

Stebin Jacob who plays Anand in Chembarathi sports a short boxed style beard. Boxed style is the perfect choice for young professionals who prefer to keep their beards short and neatly groomed.

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Abhimanyu of Pookalam Varavayi is sporting the basic corporate beard look while his on-screen brother from the same show is wearing a beard style that is almost similar to the Lumberjack.

Jai Dhanush is mostly seen in a basic English moustache with a short trimmed beard. The English moustache grows similar to the handlebar moustache, but doesn’t curl up so much. Also the space above the top of the mouth remains devoid of growth. This is an easy look to maintain with just a little bit of moustache wax and will guarantee you that modern south Indian hero look.

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Anand Narayan who plays Swathi’s husband in Swathi Nakshathram Chothi is sporting something akin to a short horseshoe moustache and thick boxed beard. The horseshoe moustache works well for angular faces.

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Prem Jacob who plays the lead role in Kabani looks quite hot in this stubbly boxed beard look.

Shabir Ahluwali who plays Abhi in Sindhooram is quite the master of the short stubble beard look. In fact, we can’t think back to a time when we ever spotted Shabir looking clean shaven. The look certainly suits and when done right it works for all outfits from traditional kurtas to mundu-veshti to natty blazers.


If you are inspired by our lead men’s style, you can also experiment with your beard. Here are a few styles.

  1. Balbo: One of the most prominent styles, you need a fully grown beard for this style. Just let the beard grow for four to five weeks and then work it to get this style.
  2. Bandholz: Developed by Eric Bandholdz of Beardbrand, this is a cool style that demands patience. it may look unkempt in the beginning, but let the hair grow for six to seven months and then you can shape it as per your preference.
  3. Circle beard: It is also known as standard beard. This is a combination of goatee and mustache. it will give you a tidy look.
  4. Short stubble: It is the simplest of all. It is also something you can achieve without much effort. Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor was once quite famous for sporting this look.
  5.  Van Dyke: This style is derived from the Flemish painter Anthony Van Duke. This 17th century style is also a combination of a goatee and a mustache with the sides shaved clean. This style was made famous in recent times by footballer David Beckham who sported a variant of it, with a twirling moustache and a short goatee with a soul patch.

Ultimately though, the names of the styles don’t really matter that much. It’s more like a reference chart, actually. Just go with the style that suits your face the best.

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