Keyboard Maestros Ralfin Stephen And Gopi Sundar Share A Fun Moment On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Don't miss this fun video shared by Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam Cheif Judge Gopi Sundar!

Gopi Sundar and Ralfin Stephen

It’s hard to imagine an episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam without the amazing orchestra led by Ralfin Stephen. Many performances from our favourite contestants that we love to watch again, wouldn’t have been possible without the mesmerising musical arrangement from Ralfin Stephen. The keyboard maestro has been a part of homegrown bands and several TV Shows. Chief Judge Gopi Sundar recently shared a video of him and Ralfin having a quick break on the show with a short musical piece played by them both on the keyboard.

Missed out on the latest episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam? Watch it here:

Did you guys know that Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam judge Gopi Sundar was a Keyboard programmer before he got his big break in the industry? The two maestros are seen playing a small piece on a Keyboard during a quick break on the show. Don’t miss this video, watch it here:

This shared moment of course, happened before the lockdown. Currently, shooting for the finale of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam has been put on hold while the entire country is under lockdown due to the global outbreak of coronavirus.

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