How Will Your Favourite Telly Characters React To Social Isolation?

What will happen to Vilasini and Sharmilla if they were asked to stay indoors? Don’t miss!

Without any person with whom she could plan her next move against Kalyani, Vilasini will surely find it tough to practice the government mandated social isolation to protect oneself from the Coronavirus pandemic. While it is important to stay indoors, here is a quirky take on what would probably happen to the rest of our telly characters when they deal with isolation phase. Don’t miss!

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Sharmilla from Pookalam Varavayi

Sharmilla reveals her plan for Abhimanyu
Sharmilla and Jyothirmayi from Pookalam Varavayi

The villainess from Pookalam Varavayi Sharmilla is quick with her moves against Samyuktha to hurt Sapthathi and steal Abhimanyu’s wealth. With the Coronavirus outbreak, she will have to stay indoors and not meet her partner in crime Jyothirmayi for a long time. Sharmilla can always text Jyothirmayi to plot a scheme against Samyuktha but the family is surely going to be safe for a long time since these two are not together.

Vilasini From Chembarathi

Vilasini and Priyanka
Vilasini from Chembarathi

With her plan to intoxicate Kalyani and make her leave Thrichambarath failing Vilasini is looking for a chance to get back at Akhilandeshwari. But with social isolation, Vilasini will have to stay in her room and maybe introspect on her failed plans. She can use this time to formulate a grand operation to take out Akhila, Ganga, Priyanka and Kalyani at the same time. With a threat to her life from Priyanka, what will Vilasini’s next plan against Thrichambarath be? Stay tuned to find out!

Sathya From Sathya Enna Penkutty

Sathya feels insulted by Nimisha (1)
Sathya and her gang from Sathya Enna Penkutty

If there is one character who is going to struggle with the social isolation policy it will be Sathya. The free-spirited tomboyish Sathya, who loves bike rides and fun with her gang of friends is surely going to miss the outdoors. In the meantime, Sathya can try and think of a way to save Sudhi from selfish Divya. While staying indoors, Sathya can also think of a way to settle the score with Sujitha and Pooja.  

Jayanthi From Chembarathi

Jayanthi tries to make Kalyani drink the spiked juice
Jayanthi from Chembarathi

Our favourite foodie from Chembarathi is going to find it a little difficult to snack all through the day with limited supplies at home during the lockdown. We hope Jayanthi had time to stock up on snacks before outside movement was restricted. In the meantime, she can also try out several recipes and watch all the TV she wants. She is going to be missing her favourite street foods, but can take this opportunity to stay healthy and following a nutritious diet.

Rambha and Menaka From Kabani

Rambha and Menaka scheming
Rambha and Menaka

The inseparable evil duo from Kabani is surely in for some trouble as the investigation officer is on their trail. With social isolation underway, both won’t be able to plan against Kabani together and we all know that Rambha is helpless without Menaka’s support. Rambha can use this time to think of a way to save herself from the officer as he has already arrested Chemban. What will be Rambha’s next move? Keep watching Kabani to find out.

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