Here’s Why We All Need Chembarathi’s Akhilandeshwari In Our Lives

Because Akhilandeshwari, played by Aishwaryaa Bhaskaran, is a woman of substance. A good leader, she can be kind and stern simultaneously.

A still from Chembarathi

The serial Chembarathi is incomplete without Thirchambarath Akhilandeswari, played by Aishwariyaa Bhaskaran. She is that one person we can find in every family who keeps the balance of the system intact by holding all members together. Family members value her opinion, and, most of the times, they follow what she says because they believe she is right. Although Akhilandeshawari is rich and stubborn on the surface, she carries within her some specifically admirable traits that everyone should consider adopting in their own lives.

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Find out why we all should have an Akhilandeshwari in our lives.

A good leader:
Only a good leader can hold a group and bring out the best result. To attain that status, one has to be disciplined in life, at the same time willing to understand the emotions of fellow members no matter from which stratum of society they come from. Akhilandeshwari has that quality. She can be stern and kind in one go. Although she is rich and powerful, she won’t coerce her people into anything unless she feels it is inevitable. She cares for others’ opinion. She treats them with the respect they deserve. Not that she is a saint. She makes mistakes, but she mostly she waits for the muddy water to get clear.

Family woman:

For her, family is everything. She keeps family values high, and will go any extend to protect her family that comprises people who are  honest with her. She never lets them down. She is a good mediator, too. Whenever problems pop up in the family, people look to her to resolve it. She weighs them and suggest solutions.

New age woman:
You will not see a woman like Akhilandeshwari sitting in the corner and gossiping. Because she is ambitious, and is too busy developing her career. She simply does not have time to poke nose into others’ lives. That is the main reason behind her success as an entrepreneur. What she conveys to us is that ‘if you want to succeed in life, compete with yourself.’ Our success is defined by what we achieve in life and how we behave with others.

Composed and bold:

A fair judgement comes from a composed mind. Akhilandeshwari has that. She believes in the principle that ‘whether it is happiness or sadness, one has to be controlled in life’. She even says this to Kalyani, her housemaid, in one of the episodes. She is bold, too. She sticks to whatever she feels right.

Style icon:
Her fashion sense is adorable. In fact, it is in tune with her character – balanced. She is modern yet modest. With subtle makeup, minimum ornaments and stylish sarees, she stands out in the group.

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