Chembarathi Special: Reasons Why Akhilandeshwari And Krishnan Are Very Real As A Couple

Here are the reasons why Akhila and Krishnan from Chembarathi remind us of a very real couple.

Krishnan and Akhila

The all-powerful matriarch of Thrichambarath and her husband Krishnan is one of the favourite characters from Chembarathi for all. The two dynamic figures are always on the same wavelength when it comes to deciding what is beneficial for the family and have been that ideal role-model to all couples out there. Krishnan and Akhila constantly support and correct each other. There are several other ideal couples on TV shows, but here is why Akhila and Krishnan will always hold a special place in all of our hearts.

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Unique Characters

AKhila and Krishnan
Akhila and Krishnan

Akhila and Krishnan from Chembarathi are hard-working, business owners who are busy with professional and personal responsibilities. The couple finds time for family even with their busy lives and constantly supports each other. Remember how Akhila asked Nandana to leave the house when she disrespected Krishnan? Given Akhila’s short-tempered nature, Krishnan’s kindness and affection are qualities that always seem to find a balance. We all remember how Nandana passed rude comments, Krishnan was not only kind to her but was ready to forgive her for her mistakes. Akhila and Krishnan are different from each other in several ways but finds common ground through love.

Respect Each Other

Akhila listening to Krishnan's advice (1)
Akhila listening to Krishnan’s advice

Krishnan is content to play the second in command at Thrichambarath even though he is a powerful patriarch of the family. He respects Akhila’s decisions pertaining to the family and is not scared to stop her if she is wrong. Krishnan proved that he values his wife’s decision and is confident that she is able to preserve the family’s pride even when others find her wrong. Krishnan is quick to stop Aravind from criticising his mother for going back on her word and asks him to trust Akhila. Akhila, while being the first in power is willing to accept criticisms from her husband.

Understanding and Sensitive to each other

Krishnan understands Akhila like no one else
Krishnan understands Akhila like no one else

All the other members of the family dread the angry and short-tempered Akhilandeshwari who is ready to take her pistol out if things don’t go her way. They think of Krishnan as someone who is scared of the short-tempered Akhila. In many instances, Krishnan has said that he is only scared for Akhila hurting herself as she can’t bear the pain of the family losing its pride and status. Likewise, Akhila deeply cares for Krishnan and her only weakness can be considered as her husband and sons. Krishnan understands Akhila’s feelings and is sensitive to the slightest change in her mood. When Aravind speaks ill of Akhila’s ideals, Krishnan gets angry and slaps him for disrespecting his mother. Even when the world is against her, Krishnan tries to find meaning in Akhila’s views. Truly, they prove to be the strongest support system for each other on the show.

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