Chembarathi Special: Lessons We All Can Learn From Akhila’s Arch Enemy Priyanka

Even with Vilasini’s numerous plans against Thrichambarath, Priyanka Varma’s moves land painful blows on the family’s pride.

Priyanka Varma is living proof that Akhilandeshwari’s mistakes can have a negative impact on Thrichambarath. Even with her carefully planned steps against her enemies, Akhila faces her worst adversary in Priyanka Varma who keeps coming at her with her cruel plans against the family. All of us Chembarathi fans were shocked when Ganga revealed that she was a part of Priyanka’s plans against Thrichambarath.

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Priyanka has successfully managed to infiltrate the inner circle of Thrichambarath using her sister Ganga and is planning to make her marry Anand to destroy the family. Here are several lessons we can all learn from the villainess of Chembarathi.

Know your strengths

Priyanka bribing
Priyanka from Chembarathi

If there is one thing that makes Priyanka different from the likes of Vilasini and Jayanthi it is that she is aware of her own strengths. Priyanka could foresee that her sister Ganga was about to lose the challenge to Kalyani in the dance competition and already had formulated a backup plan. Like Vilasini, many of us were surprised to know that the drama enacted by Ganga after losing the dance competition to Kalyani was a part of Priyanka’s plan. Priyanka is also smart enough to know the loopholes in her plan and warns Vilasini of the consequences if she were to betray Ganga in Thrichambarath.

Never Give Up

Priyanka from Chembarathi

Even with the many failed plans, Priyanka never stops her fight for vengeance against Thrichambarath. Akhilandeshwari threatens to take her life after she gets to know that the attack on Anand in Mumbai was planned by Priyanka. Even after the many threats on her life, Priyanka’s objective remains the same and she came back once again when she introduced Ganga into Thrichambarath as Anand’s fiancée. Despite being a negative character, Priyanka’s resilient spirit and her constant struggle for success have given all us some of the best moments on the show.

Know your enemies

Priyanka (1)
Priyanka from Chembarathi

Priyanka has always made sure that her plans are foolproof by clearly setting her goals and objectives. Vilasini’s plans always backfire because of her not understanding Akhilandeshwari and her strengths. Remember how Priyanka forged Ganga’s horoscope to make it look like Kalyani’s so that she can introduce her into Thrichambarath? Priyanka is aware of how spiritual Akhilandeshwari is and uses it against her in her strategy. What do you think will be Priyanka’s final plan to destroy Akhilandeshwari? Stay tuned to find out!

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