Chembarathi November 20 Written Update: Akhila Has Other Plans For Anand And Kalyani

Akhila remembers how Anand got so emotional about Kalyani and reacts badly.

a still from chembarathi

In the previous episode, we saw that Anand discovers and rescues Kalyani in the nick of time just as she is about to completely drown in the tank. As Kalyani lies unconscious and unresponsive on the bed, Anand gets emotional. Oblivious to the people surrounding him, including his mother, he holds Kalyani’s hand and begs her to wake up, adding that without her, his world is empty. Akhila is shocked. Shortly after, Anand takes off angrily in his car to Priyanka’s house

The current episode opens with Anand walking into Priyanka’s house and slapping her. He then tells her that this is her first and last chance before he unleashes his anger. He gives her an ultimatum to leave the country within a week or face the worst consequences and then walks out. At home, Kalyani is somehow revived and helped back to the outhouse where she lives. Anand comes home and reports on his ultimatum to his mother. Akhila tells him that he has not only saved Kalyani but also saved Akhila by allowing her to fullfill the promise she made. As Anand looks at her in shock, Akhila says that now she can marry Kalyani to Chandrapratap, as she promised. Upset, Anand walks off to his room. But Akhila, who remembers his emotional moment with Kalyani, wants to dispose of the situation as soon as possible. Later, Kalyani goes to the outhouse terrace to speak to Anniyankuttan and he narrates how Anand got so emotional when she was lying unconscious in bed. Kalyani sheds a tear as she hears this.

For those are new to the series, here’s what you need to know. Kalyani is the cook at the rich household of Thiruchambarath, ruled with an iron fist by Akhilandeshwari. But when Kalyani and Akhila’s son Anand start to develop feelings for each other, she comes up in conflict against the matriarch of the family.

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