Chembarathi December 14 Written Update: Aravind Lashes Out At Vilasini

Nandana becomes a part of Vilasini’s plans against Kalyani

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Vilasini and Jayanthi make a sly move against Kalyani, by mixing calcium powder in the facial mix that she kept aside for Nandana. The latter slaps Kalyani partly because she is infuriated by the burns she experiences from the mix and also the thought of Akhila gifting her the necklace. Kalyani runs out of the room sobbing and meets Aravind, who asks her about the bruise on her face.

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In today’s episode, Aravind gets frustrated with Kalyani denying Vilasini’s involvement in the events and rushes into Vilasini’s room, to yell at her. He asks her to stop the evil tactics that she uses to get back at Kalyani. Embarrassed by his words, Vilasini asks him to go and check on his wife. She adds that it was his wife who slapped Kalyani. 

Aravind gets shocked by her reply and runs into his room to find his wife stressed about the burns on her face. Ashamed about the conversation with his aunt, her burnt face surprises him. Kalyani’s involvement in the events shocks him, and he reveals Kalyani’s relationship with Anand and how they are secretly planning to marry. Nandana is shaken by the events happening around her and gets disturbed as Vilasini approaches her.

As Nandana tries to process the shocking news,  Vilasini sneaks into the room. She tells her about how she is losing out on the matriarchal post of the eldest son’s wife, to a house servant. These thoughts disturb Nandana, as she turns against Kalyani and plans to destroy their relationship. Vilasini asks her to improvise and learn Kalyani’s next move, from Aravind.

Meanwhile, Kalyani texts Anand becauseZ, she misses his presence in Thrichambarath. He is quick to reply and asks Subramanian to help with his text messages, which irritates the latter. The next day, Aniyankuttan catches Kalyani singing and calls Anand, without her noticing. What will Nandana’s move be against Kalyani and Anand? Will Nandana lie to Aravind about Vilasini’s plan to destroy Kalyani’s love? Tell us what you think will happen in the next episode in the comments below.

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