Chembarathi 8 February 2020 Written Update: Kalyani Gets A Second Chance To Write The Exam

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Anand slaps Ganga as she accuses him of trying to influence the exam controller.

Kalyani writes the Exam

Previously on Chembarathi, as Kalyani submits the answer sheet, the invigilator is shocked to find it blank. Unaware of the disappearing ink in Vilasini’s pen, Kalyani confidently explains the answers to Ganga. Aravind is shocked as Kalyani’s name is missing from the list and he informs Anand of the same.

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Akhila is disheartened when Ganga informs her of Kalyani failing the test. Kalyani starts crying as the invigilator produces her blank answer sheet. Anand is quick to connect the dots and suspects Vilasini’s betrayal. His requests to give Kalyani a second chance to write the exam gets denied by the exam controller.

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Aravind suspects Vilasini of betraying Kalyani by giving the pen. Anand finds the ink to be disappeared after he writes with the pen. He shows the same to the exam controller and the invigilator to inform them of the betrayal from Vilasini. Ganga walks in with Vilasini to stop Anand from influencing the exam controller.

As she starts to mock Anand, he slaps her and asks her to leave the room. Humiliated at Anand’s words, the both leave the room. As Anand proves Kalyani’s innocence, the invigilator gives her a second chance. After the exam, Anand, Subramanian and Aravind are elated as the invigilator adds Kalyani’s name to the list.

As Anand reaches home, Akhila begins to console him thinking that Kalyani failed in the exam. He tells her about the betrayal she faced and assures her that his company won’t lose as long as he is there to support it. Akhila is infuriated by Anand’s reply and watches Vilasini and Ganga leaving.

Vilasini and Ganga decide to perform a pooja to know the end result of the competition. A Ganesha idol is kept on a leaf and Ganga is supposed to offer flowers to it. If the flowers fall outside the leaf, it is considered inauspicious. Meanwhile, Kalyani and Aniyankuttan mock Vilasini’s failed plans. Aniyankuttan suggests Kalyani to perform a similar pooja to know the result of the competition. What will be the result according to the pooja? Stay tuned to find out!