Chembarathi 31 January 2020 Preview: Kalyani Is Doubtful Of Akhila’s Acceptance

In today’s preview of Chembarathi Anand assures Kalyani of Akhila accepting her as his wife.

Previously on Chembarathi, Nandana’s plan to burn Kalyani’s face with the facial mix fails as Vilasini throws the paste away. Anand comes to  Kalyani’s rescue just as Vilasini starts intimidating her. He asks her to follow him to the office and leaves with her. Nandana is agitated at Vilasini for ruining her plan.

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Ganga stops the couple as they are about to leave and asks Anand to take her with them. He asks her to move out of their way even as she insists on coming with him to the office. She tells him about the privileges she enjoys as his fiancée and continues to demean Kalyani. Agitated by Ganga’s words, Anand tells her that they are not yet married and she has no right to come with him. Before leaving, he also adds that if Kalyani wins the brand ambassador competition, he will happily marry her.

Later on, Nandana finds Ganga sitting alone, looking worried about the events happened with Anand. As the latter informs her of the same, Nandana gives her suggestions to win Anand’s heart. She asks her to find a reason to visit Anand at his office and motivates her.

In today’s preview of Chembarathi, Kalyani is seen occupied with her practice for the brand ambassador competition. Anand asks Kalyani to stay optimistic as she is unsure of Akhila accepting her as the eldest daughter in law of Thrichambarath. Meanwhile, Ganga arrives with Anand’s tiffin to visit him in the office. What will be Ganga’s move to tackle Kalyani?

If you are new to the show, here’s what you need to know. Kalyani is a village girl, who works as a household cook for the wealthy Thrichambarath family. Eventually, she falls in love with Anand, who’s the eldest son of Akhilandeshwari. The matriarch of the family, Akhilandeshwari’s notions of wealth and pride keep Kalyani and Anand from disclosing their relationship to the family. The story evolves as Kalyani becomes a part of the evil game played by Akhila’s relatives to destroy the family.

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