Chembarathi 19 February 2020 Written Update: Ganga And Jayanthi Hide The Ring From Anand

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Priyanka motivates Ganga and plans on sending a dance teacher for her to Thrichambarath.

Previously on Chembarathi, Vilasini and Jayanthi decide to go shopping with Ganga. As they see Anand walking out from his room, Vilasini asks him to accompany Ganga. Anand tells them that he has to take Kalyani to a dance academy and starts to leave. Vilasini stops him as she asks him why he is taking care of the servant when his fiancée is in need of help.

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Angered by Vilasini’s rude comment on Kalyani, Anand tells her how his company’s brand ambassador will always be his first priority and leaves. He asks for Das’s permission and leaves with Kalyani to the dance school. Back at Thrichambarath, Vilasini figures out that Anand left with Kalyani because he was sure of Ganga hurting her again. She asks Ganga to call Priyanka to further discuss their plan to defeat Kalyani in the competition.

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Vilasini continues her conversation with Priyanka and tells her how Anand has taken Kalyani to a dance school for better training. Priyanka motivates Ganga and tells her how Kalyani won’t be a match for her in the competition and plans to send a dance teacher to Thrichambarath.

Meanwhile, Anand takes Kalyani to a temple while going to dance school. While the couple prays for each other, Kalyani notices a tree where devotees are seen hanging requests as written notes. Both the couple write on a piece of paper and hang on the tree as requests to the temple’s idol. She is overjoyed as Anand’s note is a request to marry her soon.

Back in Thrichambarath, Ganga and Jayanthi discuss a plan to hide the ring from Anand so that he won’t be able to steal it from her. Ganga goes to Akhila’s room to hide the ring so that Anand won’t be able to find it. She hides the gold ring under Akhila’s blanket and rushes out.

As Anand and Kalyani continue their journey to the dance school, the latter expresses her wish to talk to him about things she hasn’t told him about. Anand gets excited and drives her to a scenic location and tells her about picnics he had with his family in his childhood. He is shocked when Kalyani tells him about how she suspects Vilasini to have brainwashed Nandana. What will be Anand’s reply? Stay tuned to find out!

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