Chembarathi 07 February Written Update: Kalyani Is Shocked To Find Her Answer Sheet Blank

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, Akhila is disheartened by the news of Kalyani not passing the exam.

Kalyani is shocked

Previously on Chembarathi, Akhila denies Anand’s requests to bless Kalyani before the preliminary exams. At the exam centre, Ganga’s henchman spills juice on Kalyani to make her use the washroom. Ganga throws a smoke grenade and locks Kalyani inside to suffocate her. The latter starts crying for help as she starts suffocating in the smoke around her.

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When Anand comes looking for Kalyani, he finds her on the floor unconscious. He is quick to wake her up and send her to the exam hall. Vilasini finds Kalyani empty-handed and offers her a pen to write the exam. Ganga starts suspecting Vilasini of helping Kalyani but is elated to know that the ink in the pen will disappear shortly after writing with it.

In today’s episode of Chembarathi, the preliminary exam for the brand ambassador competition starts. Unaware of the disappearing ink in Vilasini’s pen, Kalyani writes the exam and submits the paper last. Vilasini is stunned when Kalyani confidently explains all the right answers to Ganga.

Vilasini consoles Ganga by informing her of the backup plan with the pen she had given Kalyani earlier. As the result gets published, Aravind is shocked to not find Kalyani’s name in the list. Ganga and Vilasini get elated and call Akhilandeshwari to tell her about the same. Disheartened by the news of Kalyani not passing the test, Akhila disconnects the call.

Infuriated by the results Anand goes to the exam controller and asks him about the events. The invigilator starts blaming Kalyani for submitting a blank answer sheet. Kalyani is shocked to see her answer sheet blank and continues crying as she tells Anand about Vilasini’s pen. Anand connects the dots and figures out the crooked move from Vilasini. He is disheartened when the exam controller denies his request for a re-test for Kalyani. How will Anand save Kalyani now? Stay tuned to find out!

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