Anand-Kalyani Or Rishi-Kabani? Which Couple Are You & Your Partner? Take This Quiz To Know

Which couple from ZEE Keralam TV shows best describes you and your loved one? Take this quiz to find out!


We all have a favourite couple among the ZEE Keralam TV shows. Be it Anand-Kalyani from Chembarathi, or Samyuktha-Abhimanyu from Pookalam Varvayi, all of ZEE Keralam on-screen couples are defined by their unique qualities. Take this quiz below to find out which couple from ZEE Keralam TV shows best describes you and your loved one.

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Which one of these lines best explains you and your better half in conflict?
A. I wait for him/her to find a solution when in conflict
B. I’m capable of finding a solution by myself
C. I get anxious seeing my partner being less bothered about the situation
D. We will discuss the best solution among ourselves and proceed forward

What is your favourite past time as a couple?
A. Long drive together
B. Talking about each other’s parents
C. Chit-chatting time away
D. Long walks on the beach

You find him/her the most romantic when he/she:
A. Cooks for you
B. Helps you with your office work
C. Surprise you with hugs
D. Shows off his/her talent

You find him/her the cutest when he/she
A. Gathers courage from your support
B. Tries to show affection when you’re angry
C. Surprises you with romantic one-liners
D. You catch him/her staring at you

What is one thing you would want from him/her more than ever among these things?
A. A happily ever after love story
B. Understand you better
C. Be safe even if you are harmed
D. Realise the reasons behind your actions

If most of your answers are A, you guys can best relate to Anand-Kalyani from Chembarathi

Anand and Kalyani leave with necklace before Cleetus comes with Sudhi's wallet
Anand and Kalyani

Anand is the decisionmaker in their relationship, and he is always there to support Kalyani. They enjoy long drives together and to cook for each other. Kalyani and Anand hope for a happy life together even with all the opposition they face.
If most of your answers are B, you guys can best relate to Samyuktha and Abhimanyu from Pookalam Varavayi

Abhimanyu to marry Samyuktha
Abhimanyu and Samyuktha

Samyuktha secretly admires and likes Abhimanyu, while the latter is not good at revealing his affection for anyone. The couple got recently married on the show but remain workaholics like before. Abhimanyu and Samyuktha can’t stand each other’s parents and we all hope they understand each other better.

If most of your answers are C, you guys can best relate to Harshan and Saptathi from Pookalam Varavayi

Saptathi tells Harshan about her worries for Samyuktha
Saptathi and Harshan

Harshan and Saptathi are the most romantic couple from the ZEE Keralam Tv shows. The duo had to fight a lot of obstacles to get together and are willing to sacrifice anything for their love. Harshan is the most romantic boyfriend while Saptathi enjoys all his attention.

If most of your answers are D, you guys can best relate to Rishi and Kabani

Kabani and Rishi
Kabani and Rishi

Rishi and Kabani, with their many memorable cute moments together, have become an audience favourite. The two have several differences between them due to Rishi’s incident with Manikandan, but small glimpses of their innocent love for each other gives all of us Kabani fans hope.

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