Akhilandeshwari a.k.a Aishwariyaa of Chembarathi Gets Candid About Her Shift To Veganism

Akhilandeshwari aka Aishwarya Bhaskaran from Chembarathi shares her transformation into a hardcore vegetarian in this exclusive interview with ZEE5

Aishwarya Bhaskaran's inspirational journey

Women’s day is around the corner and it’s time you made some major lifestyle changes that benefit you and the planet. Veganism is a healthy lifestyle alternative all of us can try and adapt to work towards the betterment of the environment. Aishwariyaa Bhaskaran who essays the character of Akhilandeshwari in Chembarathi is a vegan advocate and her Instagram handle stands proof for her passion. Don’t miss these excerpts from Aishwarya as she gets candid about her transformation into a vegan and the major changes in her lifestyle.

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What made you transform into a Vegan?

I was not always a vegan. I became a vegan overnight. I was into animal rescue, rehabilitation and sterilising strays for a long time. Even with all of these activities towards environmental care, I was a hypocrite at the end of the day because I loved eating all sorts of meat. One day a vegan friend of mine asked me to check out this novel alternative lifestyle. It was difficult for me initially because I grew up having all sorts of dairy. I could give up meat but I couldn’t do without milk and cheese. I was amused to find out that there are vegan alternatives to all the dairy and even meat I like.

Who inspired you to follow the vegan lifestyle?

My friend Meenal Agarwal has been a major inspiration for me. She was a food activist and turned vegan five years ago. She shared with me a documentary on YouTube called Earthlings. I couldn’t watch and it took me around six hours to finish watching it. I stopped and cried at times while watching the documentary. It was a revelation for me!

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How did your family react to the sudden transformation? What were the major lifestyle changes?

I didn’t know wearing silk and leather was bad for the environment. I started giving away all the Prada and Lui Vuitton’s from my wardrobe. I entirely transformed leather-free. I remember how my daughter called me for all my leather bags and sarees as I started giving away all my expensive leather bags. She told me not to throw the expensive stuff away and got happy that she could use my accessories. I don’t wear silk sarees anymore or leather bags and I’m glad I gave up all of it.

What were the major learnings you got out of the transformation?

Even when you say that you are working towards a better environment and at the same time you are consuming meat, you are being a hypocrite. It is no different than eating your pet dog or cat because at the end of the day you are eating animals. We continue to tell ourselves these lies like farm-fresh meat and dairy but at the end of the day, we are eating other animals. All of us are in constant denial and we need to change our perspective.

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