Aishwariyaa Of Chembarathi Reveals Her Artistic Side

Akhilandeshwari,who appears as the stern mother-in-law in Chembarathi, has showed her artistic side on instagram

A still from Chembarathi

Did you know that Aishwariyaa a.k.a Akhilandeshwari of Chembarathi is an artist? Her off screen persona is completely different from the on screen one. The tough and reserved mother-in-law in Chembarathi is, in fact, a multi-talented person who advocates mindfulness. Besides acting, she is into painting and vegan soap making. She conducts workshops for the same, too. During her workshops, she doesn’t merely sit and share inputs with students, but works alongside them. Lately, Aishwariyaa shared output of her workshops with her followers on instagram.

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“When students inspire you to paint and soap. Started a collection of my stained glass paintings and a big batch of soaps for the autumn collection,” reads her post. The first painting is a Ganapathi done in multi shades. She has also incorporated her newest black kitten with green eyes on the canvas. Then, there is a landscape and a woman. Quite interesting! The paintings are followed by photos of handmade, sulfate and paraben free vegan soaps in different shapes. For those who are interested to know about the soap making procedure, she has posted a video, too. Check it out.

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