Bring Twice The Fun To Your Week With The Funniest Characters From ZEE5 Malayalam Shows!

These funny characters from ZEE5 Malayalam shows are sure to make you LOL! Don't Miss!

Funny Characters

We all have our favourite funny characters from Malayalam ZEE5 shows that we love to watch for their entertaining presence on the show. Even with the sudden twists and turns on the shows, their presence relieves us from the constant chaos. ZEE5 is celebrating the second anniversary of the OTT platform and we are here to add 2XTheFun to your week with these funny characters from your favourite ZEE5 shows.

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Jayanthi from Chembarathi

Jayanthi from Thrichambarath
Jayanthi from Thrichambarath

Jayanthi of Thrichambarath is an irreplaceable character from Chembarathi that we all love to watch and enjoy. She is known for being a major foodie on the show and can always be spotted with a snack in her hand. Even with her enmity towards Kalyani, she appreciates her culinary skills because of her ultimate love for food. Remember how she proclaimed herself as the smartest person in Thrichambarath to Ganga? Even if Vilasini is presenting her with an important plan, Jayanthi will always find a loophole in the plan to get a quick snack. Amidst all the chaos in Thrichambarath, Jayanthi can always be spotted with a snack enjoying the proceedings and cracking quirky one-liners at Vilasini.

Padmini from Kabani

Padmini and Kabani
Padmini and Kabani

Padmini essayed by Keerthana Anil is definitely the funniest character from Kabani for her laid-back attitude and quirky replies. She is not intimidated by Rambha’s questions and shows her outright enmity towards Menaka. Padmini is confident in her strides and is always ready to win an argument. When Kabani is questioned by her hostel mates for sabotaging the play, Padmini shuts them off by yelling at them. Did you know that Padmini is the younger sister of Kabani aka Gopika Anil off-screen? But on-screen Padmini plays the big sister who is the only character Kabani can depend upon against the likes of Rambha and Menaka.

Piyush from Pookalam Varavayi

Abhimanyu calls Nithya
Piyush testing Abhimanyu’s patience

Everyone from Pookalam Varavayi is scared of the short-tempered Abhimanyu, who is always on the lookout for a mistake from his employees. The only person he revers and asks others to watch and learn from is Piyush. He is different from other characters for his optimistic approach to everything he does and how he manages to stay calm even in intense situations. He is a problem solver and is also aware of Abhimanyu’s short temper. Remember how he irritates Abhimanyu talking to him about love and marriage? Piyush is a funny character to watch in Pookalam Varavayi for the way he gets things done even after irritating Abhimanyu and Samyuktha.

Subramanian from Chembarathi

Anand's wingman Subramanian
Anand’s wingman Subramanian

Subramanian, who is Anand’s best friend and wingman from Chembarathi has always been an audience favourite for his support for the latter’s relationship. Subru, as he is lovingly called by Akhilandeshwari and Anand, has given us too many LOL moments on Chembarathi. Remember how he got nightmares about people beating him up after the helmet stealing incident in Mumbai? He is always prepared to accompany Anand on his ventures and is seen ready with ideas to help Anand get out of trouble. Subru makes an amazing duo with Aravind and they are willing to stop Vilasini from hurting Anand’s love for Kalyani.

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