#5 Lessons To Learn From Chembarathi’s Lead Anand Krishnan

We all love Anand from Chembarathi for different reasons. Scroll down to know them.

Anand to the rescue

Anand Krishnan from Chembarathi perfectly fits the role of a boyfriend, a son and a business owner. His calm attitude and judgement skills have saved Kalyani from the likes of Ganga and Vilasini multiple times. With his problem-solving skills and clever replies to the many evil plans from Vilasini, Anand has given us several memorable moments on the show to re-watch and enjoy. His unique character persona on Chembarathi offers us a lot to learn from him. We list down some of his special traits for you.

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Here are several lessons we all can learn from Chembarathi’s Anand Krishnan:

#1 There is always a solution

Anand's reply
Anand from Chembarathi

Whenever Kalyani gets stuck in a difficult situation, you will find Anand by her side with a solution. Remember the time when Kalyani had lost all hopes of living a life with him, Anand was there to assure her that she can expect a happy ending. Anand’s problem-solving skills helped Kalyani in the Brand Ambassador competition as his requests to the exam controller gave her a chance to reappear for the paper.

#2 Stay calm

The one thing that makes Anand different from other male leads like Abhimanyu and Rishi is his calmness. Instead of stressing about his business affairs like Abhimanyu, Anand takes time out to enjoy life to the fullest. Anand knows that Vilasini is moving against him in the dark, but he refuses to get disturbed by her actions. We all should learn from Anand to stay calm in stressful situations and think of a solution other than stressing over it.

#3 Be humble

Being the sole heir of the huge business empire left by Akhilandeshwari, Anand is a shrewd businessman. But his kind gestures and helping nature make him different. Even when Nandana and Vilasini boast about Thrichambarath’s wealth, Anand is always humble in his ways. He treats everyone with equal respect and never tries to show off like Vilasini.

#4 Enjoy the little things in life

Subramanian and Anand
Subramanian and Anand

Despite having a long day at work, Anand never shies away from hearing the little nuggets from Kalyani’s life. He patiently listens to her problems and provides solutions for the same. He appreciates Kalyani’s cooking skills and always encourages her to try something different. Anand also takes time out to enjoy quirky moments from Subru and Aravind. Like Anand, we should also learn to enjoy the little things in life.

#5 Learn from your mistakes

Vilasini’s plans always used to hurt Anand and Kalyani before, but now he is always a step ahead of her. Anand saves Kalyani in many instances with his judgement skills. He does the same by learning from his past mistakes, especially with Vilasini. Anand knows exactly how Vilasini is going to act in a situation and prepares Kalyani for the same. We should also get inspired from Anand to learn from our past-mistakes and improvise the next time we have to deal with a similar situation.

What do you like the most about Anand from Chembarathi? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.

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