#5 Best Moments Of Kalyani On Chembarathi That Make Us Love Her Even More

We all love Kalyani for her pleasing personality and forgiving nature. Here are #5 best instances of Kalyani that will make you love her even more.

1. Winning the Brand Ambassador competition

Kalyani wins the competition
Kalyani wins the brand ambassador competition (source:ZEE5)

Kalyani is loved by all Chembarathi fans for her fantastic character development. From being the nervous and humble Kalyani, who was scared of the family members finding out her love for Anand, she has started finding pride in being Anand’s bride. Amala Gireeshan’s (Kalyani) on-screen chemistry with Stebin Jacob (Anand) has given us several memorable moments to enjoy. Here are five such moments that make Kalyani our favourite from the show.

All of Chembarathi fans wanted Kalyani to win the brand ambassador competition against Ganga as Akhila promised to let the winner of the contest marry Anand. Kalyani worked very hard from the preliminary rounds to the final dance competition to win. Jayanthi even fixes a poisonous scorpion in Kalyani’s chelanka to stop her from winning. Even Ganga manages to bribe the judges against Kalyani. Despite all odds, Kalyani wins the competition with her amazing performance enduring pain from the scorpion bite.

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2. Forgiving Nandana

Nandana apologises (1
Kalyani forgives Nandana (source:ZEE5)

Anand has always loved Kalyani for her kind and forgiving nature. When Nandana apologised to Kalyani for her mistakes in the past, Kalyani quickly forgives her. We all expected Kalyani to have given Nandana a piece of her mind for troubling her in the past. Instead, Kalyani surprised the viewers when she told Nandana that she has no ill feelings.

3. Challenging Ganga

Kalyani challenges Ganga
Kalyani challenges Ganga (source:ZEE5)

Kalyani has always been humble and harmless from the very beginning of the show. Anand reminds her on several occasions that she needs to be bold and stern in her replies to the likes of Vilasini. Ganga was shocked to see Kalyani’s other side when she (Kalyani) challenged her to win the brand ambassador competition. An infuriated Kalyani tells Ganga that she will reveal her true identity as she will be the winner of the competition. Didn’t you guys love Kalyani’s challenge to Ganga?

4. The Mumbai visit

Kalyani meets Anand in Mumbai
Kalyani meets Anand in Mumbai (source:ZEE5)

When Kalyani visited Anand in Mumbai, she showed the audience how much she loves him. Aravind got scared when he came to know that Kalyani travelled all the way to Mumbai alone. Even Anand was surprised to see Kalyani waiting in front of his door in Mumbai. We all got emotional and loved her a little extra when Kalyani cried after noticing Anand’s injuries.

5. Pushing Vilasini back

Kalyani is disturbed by Vilasini's questions
Kalyani from Chembarathi(source: ZEE5)

Vilasini has played an important part in strengthening the bond between Anand and Kalyani. Whenever Vilasini has tried to hurt Kalyani and Anand, the duo outsmarts her with their love for each other. When Vilasini begins to burn Anand’s shirt in front Kalyani, she (Kalyani) pushes her (Vilasini) back. Aravind watches the proceedings and understands that the only thing that can hurt Kalyani is when someone tries to come between her and Anand.

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