#4 Reasons Why We Want To Watch More Of Rishi And Kabani

Rishi and Kabani have given us some of the best moments from Kabani. Here are #4 reasons why we love the adorable duo.

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Don’t we all love the on-screen chemistry between Rishi (Prem Jacob) and Kabani (Gopika Anil) on Zee Keralam? The glamorous duo has given us some of the best moments on the show with their realistic acting. Also, Kabani as a show with its gripping storyline has some of the best characters to re-watch and enjoy. Despite duos like Kalyani – Anand from Chembarathi, and Pookalam Varavayi’s Abhimanyu-Samyuktha; we have a special spot reserved for the unconventional love story between Rishi and Kabani. Let’s have a look at #4 reasons why we love to watch Kabani and Rishi on the show!

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#1 Best Duo Moments

Rishi thanks Kabani
A still from Kabani (Source: ZEE5)

We can all agree that Rishi and Kabani make one of the best on-screen couples from Zee Keralam TV shows. The amazing chemistry shared between Prem Jacob and Gopika Anil makes them always enjoyable to watch. With her quirky replies to Rishi’s romantic taunts, Kabani has made us laugh on several occasions. Their chemistry is complimented by other characters like Ganeshan and Padmini, which has given the audience some of the most enjoyable moments on the show.

#2 The Unconventional Love Story

Kabani and Rishi
Kabani and Rishi (Source: ZEE5)

Kabani is a simple village girl who comes to the city as she gets a scholarship to study in a well-known college. She falls for Rishi, who is a professor at the same college. Rishi starts liking Kabani for her simplicity and always tries to get seek her attention with his romantic gestures. Unfortunately for the two, Rambha becomes an obstacle as she also falls in love with the good-looking professor. The love triangle between the characters has given us some of the most enjoyable moments to cherish.

#3 Unique Personalities

Kabani and Rishi amuse the audience
A still from Kabani (source: ZEE5)

Even though Kabani and Rishi are in love with each other, they portray distinct personalities. Kabani has her own opinions and decisions, while Rishi always listens to his family. Rambha easily tricks Kabani into believing about her reformation, while Rishi gets suspicious of her true agenda.

Kabani never holds back and always stands up for doing the right thing. Rishi tries to hold back his anger and is forgiving in nature. The two have their own unique personalities, even when they are in love with each other.

#4 Best Romantic Moments

Rishi looks at Kabani while reciting his dialouges
Rishi looks at Kabani while reciting his dialogues (Source: ZEE5)

Rishi and Kabani have entertained us some of the most romantic moments on the show. Remember how Rishi enacted the romantic scenes looking at Kabani when Rambha was his co-actress? Like Rishi, Kabani doesn’t hold back in showing her love and care for him. It was one of the best scenes on the show when Kabani took care of Rishi when he was sick. Don’t we all want the both to return to our TV screens soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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