#4 Reasons That Proves Krishnan From Chembarathi Is A True Gentleman

Here are #4 reasons why the title of ‘A True Gentleman’ is a perfect fit for Krishnan from Chembarathi

Krishnan from Chembarathi

Recently Aishwarya Bhaskaran aka Akhilandeshwari from Chembarathi posted a picture with our loving Krishnan from the show. She appropriately captioned the picture, calling him a ‘True Gentleman’. Krishnan from Chembarathi is contradicting the current trend in movies to glorify toxic masculinity and many a time the south Indian industry has been called out for presenting the audience with misogynistic characters and stories. Chembarathi revolves around Thrichambarath, a matriarchal household, but the pivotal role the patriarch of the house plays in the development of the story is irreplaceable.

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Here are #4 reasons why the title of ‘A True Gentleman’ is a perfect fit for Krishnan from Chembarathi:

#1 Krishnan is comfortable playing second fiddle to Akhilandeshwari’s powerful presence: Many of us have noticed the laid-back character persona Krishnan essays on the show. Even when he is holding the powerful title of being the patriarch, Krishnan supports his wife’s decision and is comfortable being the second opinion to her decisions. It’s interesting to notice from Krishnan’s character that he receives all the respect he deserves even without asking for

#2 Krishnan has strong opinions and decisions: Do you guys remember when Krishnan stopped Akhila from leaving Thrichambarath to Mumbai? When Priyanka’s goons attacked Anand, Akhila started suspecting that something unfortunate happened to her son. As she was about to leave, Krishnan stops her and asks her to rethink her decision. He had complete faith in Anand and Subramanian to handle the situation in Mumbai and was not willing to let his wife leave alone. He was vocal about his opinion when Akhila contacted a criminal to find Anand in Mumbai. He warns her for contacting the wrong people because he could foresee the wrongs it would amount to in the future.

#3 Kindness is his strongest virtue: Krishnan is the first to accept and appreciate the family members for their achievements and good deeds. Remember when he supported Anand’s decision to gift Kalyani with the ancestral necklace? His prowess in reasoning continues to influence the all-powerful Akhila because she has faith in his instincts and decisions. He supports Anand’s decision to gift the necklace to Kalyani as he feels she is deserving of the gift for her sacrifices. His status as the patriarch of Thrichambarath doesn’t stop him from being kind as he is the first to advocate a peaceful approach to Akhila

#4 For Krishnan his family comes first: Krishnan is always a part of Akhila’s important decisions and has become an integral part of the show because of the same. Even with all the stress of maintaining sixteen different establishments, Krishnan is always upfront and willing to make sacrifices for his family. He is quick to point out Vilasini’s demeaning nature and asks Akhila to give Kalyani another chance as she leaves. He is willing to let go of his position in the family for its peace and harmony.